Max and Lissie
Max and Lissie hugging
The engagement ring
Lissie and Max out for a meal
'Angel' Lissie and Max at the British Grand Prix


Thank you so much for being part of our special wedding.


Many people have asked us if there is anything we would like as a wedding gift.  As we will be renting for a while, we are not yet aware of what we will need for the home we shall buy in the future. Therefore we have decided not to have an official itemised 'wedding gift list'. 


For those who are happy to give us a financial gift, we have set up a special Gift Registry on  We have chosen this particular website because it is safe, secure and very convenient.



our wishing well

registry number 197604836

On the Wishing Well website, in the section at the top, you will see, just under the purple rosette, a search box ringed in purple.  Type in our registry number 197604836 or alternatively simply type in Max and Lissie and click on View A Registry.  Then click on our Registry Title.  The site may ask you for your email address.  This is to keep the registry secure.  You will not receive any unsolicited mail from the website. 


Follow the instructions by clicking the rectangular button ringed in yellow.


Thank you!



last but not least . . .

More than anything, we are so looking forward to seeing you all at our wedding celebrations!



Max and Lissie