Max and Lissie
Max and Lissie hugging
The engagement ring
Lissie and Max out for a meal
'Angel' Lissie and Max at the British Grand Prix


the invitations

All guests are invited to the Marriage Ceremony at St Mary's Bryanston Square.  We are trying to make it as simple as possible for people to respond to their particular event combination.  Therefore, using our wedding colours of Purple, Pewter and White, we have given names to the invitation types.



Marriage Ceremony, Wedding Breakfast & Evening Celebration 



Marriage Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast 



Marriage Ceremony and Evening Celebration



1. If you already know that you will be unable to join us at all on 27 May 2011, and therefore will be declining your invitation completely, please do let us know straight away.


2. If you are a PURPLE DAY invitee (see above), but can only attend as a WHITE DAY or PEWTER DAY guest, OR if you will be unable to join us for anything but the Marriage Ceremony, please do let us know promptly.


3. If you are a PEWTER DAY invitee (see above), but will only be attending the church for the Marriage Ceremony, OR if you will only be able to join us for the first time at 7:00 pm for the Evening Celebration at The Grange, again, we would ask that you let us know these things as soon as possible.





We do understand that for some people, a traditional communication by surface mail (or airmail) is just the only way these things should be done!  There again, maybe you just don't have email!  For either of those scenarios, if you just thought 'yes, that's me', we are more than happy for you to reply in writing to the address supplied on your invitation.



Nowadays, for ease and speed, many people prefer to send their written communications electronically. So if you'd like to reply by email, replies should be send to


We would like to request that electronic replies be sent ONLY to the email address shown above, and not sent via Facebook, text message, mobile phonecalls or any other online or electronic means.  So for any Twitter and Facebook fans - although we do love you dearly - "Yey - we're off to Max and Lissie's wedding!" will not count as an official reply!