Max and Lissie
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'Angel' Lissie and Max at the British Grand Prix

Directions (By Tube)

If you are using public transport, the easiest way to get to The Grange Country House is via the Tube on the Metropolitan Line to Northwood (HA6 2XL). There are tube maps all around London and you can find them at every Tube station. Alternatively you can go to to plan your route online. Plan your journey


Depending on where you stay we would recommend that you either buy an off peak pay-as-you-go Oyster Card, or a Travel Card. The Travel Card is the most convenient one-day option and gives you the ability to use all public transport.


A Travel Card is a ticket which covers various zones in London. You pay for the ticket once and then you can use all public transport (Bus, Tube, Overground, etc.) For more information about prices and zones please go to TFL's ticket information. We would recommend to buy the Day Off-peak Travel Card for Zones 1-6 for around £8.00


If you are planning on spending a few days in London, we would recommend purchasing an 'Oyster' card (£5.00 in 2011). These are available at any tube station and basically work as a 'pay as you go' system. Each time you use the card, money will be deducted and you can top up as little or as often as you like. The advantage with the Oyster card is that currently it is the cheapest option to travel with reduced costs per journey, and once you have spent the equivalent of a Travel Card, the oyster 'caps' and no more money will be deducted. For more information on the oyster card visit TFL's website. Oyster cards can be used on all of London's public transport system - tube trains, rail trains and buses, so it's also very convenient to have a 'one-ticket-does-all' system.


The nearest tube station to The Grange is Northwood which is on the Metropolitan line. You can take the tube from Baker Street to Northwood Station (direction Chesham or Amersham) which takes about 30-35 min. This is the easiest and most direct route to The Grange, as it requires no changing tube lines or trains.


Once you have arrived at Northwood Tube Station, The Grange is a short walk away.


Follow the link for a map or follow these directions:


1: Start out walking WEST on GREEN LANE/B469 toward MAXWELL ROAD (0.5 Miles)



3: On the right hand side of Rickmansworth Road, just past the Mountview Residential Home, and close to the bus stop, you will find The Grange Country House, Rickmansworth Road, Northwood, HA6 2RD.



Click here or here for information on last train times from Northwood to London. However please check back on our wedding site closer to the wedding date as timetables do change. We shall attach a copy of the timetable on this website nearer the time. Currently the last train from Northwood to Baker Street leaves Northwood at 2353 hours.  If you are using the Metropolitan Line Timetable to plan your journey home, ensurethat you are looking at trains from Aylesbury to Baker Street on a FRIDAY night.


night buses

Should you miss the last tube train back to central London from Northwood Tube Station, the nearest available NIGHT BUS service is the N18. This leaves from Harrow Weald Bus Garage (5 miles from Northwood) and goes into central London. This bus stops at Baker Street, Oxford Circus and terminates at Trafalgar Square. To see the timetable, click on the timetable image above the RSVP link.